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A piece I am working on of Foley (the beagle) whose owner runs Well That’s Just Great.

He recently lost Foley, and I feel as thought everyone could use a little piece of love in the way of memorial painting… Plus Ag and Ducky are very entertaining, and I feel very bad for their sorrow. Painting her furry face tomorrow, and hoping to be able to actually send her out to her guys.

[If anyone would like a painting, I’d love to make some for others around the country and such. I’m always up to getting my name out! I’d just need some help on postage costs if they get too high. ^^’]

Posted on July/31/2011
Tagged as: WellThatsJustGreat, Foley, pets, painting, sketch, art, commisions anyone?,

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That pretty much describes it. I reblog things. I post pictures of my dogs. I have obsessions such as Harry Potter, Buffy, Angel, Joss in general, Firefly, Roleplaying, Fanfiction... Yep.

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